Silent Shadows


Could just a few words turn the very flow of life around forever?

Munich, December 1997, Hector, son of a former German captain in WWII, visits his parents for the Christmas holidays. Following a heated family argument, his terminally ill mother reveals a terrifying secret that she had kept hidden for more than fifty-three years. This marks the onset of a quest for Hector seeking the truth about the history of his family, starting from Munich and passing through the most northwestern tip of Messinia, Greece. The story of this quest is a thrilling journey through time, revealing at each step horrific murders, cursed love and ghosts lurking in memory that stroll like shadows in the picturesque narrow streets of the Upper Town of Kyparissia.

One novel, two different stories that progress in parallel at the present and in the distant past, with its protagonists fighting till the end to regain some of their lost innocence, to vindicate the souls of the dead and complete their unfulfilled love.


Maria Karagianis was born in the early 80’s in the beautiful town of Kalamata. In 2003 she graduated from the Greek Police Academy and soon after entered the Law School of the University of Athens where she completed her studies in economics. She speaks three languages and at every chance she packs her dreams and aspirations into a small suitcase and travels to the cities of the world… Her love for the sea has recently made her return to her hometown, where she works as Police Chief.

Get in touch with the author at the email or facebook account mariakaragianniauthor

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Maria Karagianni




14 x 21 cm

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