The Metal Chapters Vol. 1 (English Edition)


We all know the strong connection between metal music and fantasy literature: there are quite a few artists whose source of inspiration is heroes or works of great horror authors. So, the time has come for the opposite to happen!

The authors of this book have joined forces with the greatest Greek metal bands of international appeal, so as to create ten stories inspired by their songs and offer moments of horror and fantasy to the readers. And all this accompanied by music! The readers have the opportunity not only to read the story written by the two authors who have been inspired by each song, but also to read the lyrics of the tracks and listen to the CD that accompanies the book.

The great guest of the collection, the lord of terror Graham Masterton, participates with a short story of his own, for which the authors have written a tribute song.

This anthology shows that in the garden of Greek horror writing some very dark and wonderful flowers are now blooming…but pick them at your peril!
– Graham Masterton, British author


George Damtsios was born in 1978, in Naoussa, Greece. Apart from writing, he likes reading a lot. He is also a big fan of heavy metal music, gaming and sports. He is a founding member of the Fantasmagoria fantasy festival in Thessaloniki. He regularly writes articles on the site He makes seminars of creative writing in his hometown. He has released five books. “Until his dying breath” from Momentum publications, “The triptych of wishes” from Pigi publications, “At the bridge of the lost souls” from Likofos publications (together with the author Marios Dimitriadis), “Secrets in twilight” from Likofos publications and “Dark veil” from Bell publications. He has also participated nin seven compilations, all in Greece, taking first place in one of them among 130 participants in a contest.

Marios Dimitriadis grew up in a small village in Greece and he studied agronomic sciences in Aristotle University. He is one of the founders of the fantasy festival Fantasmagoria in Thessaloniki. He released four books, “Dark Days”, through “λογείον” publishing, “Embracing the Erebus” through “Το ανώνυμο βιβλίο” publishing, “The blessed ones” through Bell publications and “At the bridge of the lost souls” through Likofos Publications. The last of them was written together with the author George Damtsios. He has participated in 8 short story compilations and took several awards in stories contests. He likes heavy metal music, horror movies and traveling and he also writes for his own column in the horror site Nyctophilia. He lives in Thessaloniki with his wife where he works as an author and a guitar teacher.

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